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Importance of Following the HCG Diet Rules for Success

Submitted by Robb Bird on Fri, 01/26/2018 - 02:23

hcg diet success

The HCG Diet is not a very complicated diet. However, there are a few common questions that we want to address. It is very important to follow the guidelines of the HCG Diet so that you achieve the desired results. Below we outline a few of the more common questions we have received and their answers.

Common Questions and Answers About HCG

1. Do I have to cycle HCG Drops, or can I continue to take them after the dieting period is over?

It is important to follow all the guidelines, taking HCG in 6-week increments as guided. Your body could become tolerant to the HCG or even immune to it, thus making the drops completely ineffective towards your future dieting efforts. As with any other weight loss regimen, HCG will not fix your weight forever. You must be disciplined to establish and maintain personal fitness goals.

2. Can I just take the drops, or is the diet required as well?

Both the drops (or whichever form of HCG you take) and the diet are required to see results. The HCG signals for your body to begin shedding excess fat to be utilized as energy. However, HCG is only considered effective when coupled with a strict, low-calorie diet. The diet is set at around 500 calories, and when combined you with HCG, you will see the results you desire.

3. Won’t I feel extremely tired on such a low-calorie diet?

The HCG drops will signal for your body to turn to its current fat stores for energy. While you may experience some hunger, it is not uncommon for those on the HCG Diet to feel fully energized. Most individuals go on a low-calorie diet such as this and expect to starve constantly. However, coupling the diet with the HCG hormone combats both hunger and lack of energy.

The goal of the HCG Diet program is to eat healthier, and the idea is to get back to basics (fruit, veggies, and protein). Patients learn about portion size, calories in foods and about choosing more nutritious foods. So while the calorie count is low, you are actually providing your body with nutrients that give you more energy!

4. What about exercise?

Exercise is not a part of the HCG Diet, and you will be able to achieve desired results through the diet and hormone treatment. It is not recommended to add in vigorous exercise on a 500-calorie diet, as you could easily become fatigued. Moderate activity is recommended, however, as it will help give you extra energy.

Looking for more info on the HCG diet? Contact us or read our ebook on the 10 Myths About HCG.

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