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Glutathione: The Most Powerful Antioxidant in Your Body

Submitted by Robb Bird on Tue, 07/10/2018 - 07:27


Wouldn’t you love it if one powerful agent were working in your body to sustain wellness, keep disease away and help you maintain your youth? Wouldn’t it be great if your body naturally produced it? And how about, when your body slows down the production of this powerful agent, you could find a treatment that replaced it for you? This is precisely what glutathione and its replacement treatments do.

What is Glutathione ("The Mother Antioxidant")?

Composed of 3 amino acids - cysteine, glutaminic acid and glycine – and designed to prevent cellular damage by getting rid of free radicals and other toxins in the body, glutathione is the “Super-Antioxidant” we all need to help us stay healthy. Doctors treat patients with glutathione to help with everything from boosting energy levels to promoting healthy aging. Glutathione has also been linked to prevention of diseases such as cancer by neutralizing heavy metals and toxins.

Our bodies are designed to produce glutathione on their own. As we age, the production of this important antioxidant begins to slow. Once we’re past the age of 20, we will never again see the optimal amount of glutathione produced by our bodies alone. Stress, medication, and unhealthy diets can all lead to low production of glutathione.

Ironically, low glutathione levels are also linked to just about every aging process in the body. Not only are you not producing enough of it on your own as you get older, but that's also the time when you need it the most.

How Do Glutathione Treatments Help the Body?

Glutathione treatments boost our immune systems and help us balance the aging process. Combined with a better diet and some exercise, it’s easy to see the effects of this treatment. But it’s what you don’t notice that may be of the most importance. Glutathione travels through the body, attaching itself to harmful pollutants that can go on to cause illness and disease. By eliminating these toxins, the risk of diseases such as cancer and diabetes steadily declines. So you’re feeling better on the outside and fighting off toxins internally.

Treatments are simple and available at TransformYou. Dr. Bird has experience in treating patients with glutathione and is knowledgeable in its effects. Learn more about glutathione treatments or schedule a consultation with Dr. Bird to discuss your situation in more detail.